Happy Birthday Mom.

My mom turned 43 yesterday, and yeah, she’s old.

When I was in gradeschool, my mom used to bring my lunch to school. I was going to school 2 hours earlier than the rest of my classmates because I was preparing for a school competition. Those were the times when I know I will have lunch for that day. I am assured that my mom will have something special for me after 2 hours of intensive training with my slave-driver of a trainor.

Now that I am working, one of the question hounds me is “What will I have for lunch?” Of course my mom cannot do it for me now, she has not been doing it for the past 8 years or so. She is in Taiwan, too far to bring me my everyday lunch. It’s funny that I am realizing this only now…no one is bringing me lunch to work. A very classic of missing something because you already lost that something. But this realization makes you think about how important those persons are in your life.

Now that I am old, she does not need to bring me lunch anymore. What will I have for lunch is something that will hound me for the rest of my life but that question will remind me that sometime, someone used to bring me lunch.

Happy birthday mom! We’ll see each other soon


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