Book Log: On why I have been reading less

Yes I know, I have not been so faithful to Book Log Series. I am so busy at work (not complaining) and I have found less time to read my books and write about them. Actually, it’s not just work that made me read my books less. The fact that I got a phone now made me so “busy” on my way to work (my daily devoted reading time).

So no Tolkien or Dostoyevsky for me while crunching myself on a 9-seater-turned-11-seater jeepney because I am now reading my Twitter timeline in my phone. So to those who doubt my reading pace scores a point against me: I am finishing a book quite faster than a normal person does mainly because I had no cellphone to spend my time with. I really hate to admit it but I think that is true.

But nevertheless, these past two Sundays had become my official reading day. I have two books to finish: Juan Ponce Enrile’s memoir and Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers.  And since I have a phone now, of course, why would I spend my entire Sunday disconnected from my virtual social life? So due to the poor signal in my room, I have to go up to the rooftop of our building just to get 3G signal (and I barely get a 3G signal mind you, gah this network!). And here is what I got for my Sunday reading nook: 

Last last Sunday, I was reading Two Towers and I am still where Frodo and Sam meets Faramir. It’s interesting to note the difference of how the storylines (Frodo and Sam; and that of the Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli) were told between the movie and the book. In the movie, the storyline was jumping back and forth while they were told separately in the books. I like the movie version because it built up the thrill. To be honest, the only thing that interests me in the movie is the wars in Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith, so that maybe the reason why I liked it in the movie. I still think that Frodo is a whiny little boy, while Sam is his sidekick.

Yesterday, I finished JPE’s memoir. I must be honest but I am so ignorant with the Martial Law history so I would not really know if Enrile is actually telling the truth. But he did write a good memoir though (minus the allegations that such is pure fiction). I liked how he presented it straight to the point. I actually liked the kind of his writing style but I think I liked it because the book is a memoir and not like the novels I have been reading.

Another thing I appreciated about Enrile is the way how he thinks politically. We can hate the old man as much as we like but politics comes out so naturally from him. He really knows how to play the game and damn him for being that. You think Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is a bad-ass but Enrile is such a great politician. He may not be the person who can we easily associate with the word hero, but damn his thinking skills.

I wish I could think like that.Enrile


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