Thoughts on work

The most important thing early 20s has taught me so far is that I need to put value on my work. Maybe it is Ayn Rand talking to me again, but, nevertheless, it only make sense to me that the work we do is something valuable and should be guarded faithfully and with a little jealousy.

I am grateful that I have a job and I actually enjoy it. This accidental career is turning quite good for me. So far, my boss told me that I am doing a great job (It is such a  good feeling when you are being affirmed). I know I have some faults too, but nevertheless, I  try to correct them as soon as possible and learn from them. I am no model employee, but at the very least, I try my best to perform well.

The difference between the personal and the professional is quite clear to me. Suck it up and go to work– that is what I believe in. What irritates me is when people try to invoke personal stuff just to make excuses.

Another thing about me is that I expect the same level of dedication I give from the people I am working with. I easily lose respect to the people who I perceive as slackers. I easily lose respect to the people who I think shows less dedicated to the work they do. I easily lose respect to the people who would settle for mediocrity. I personally believe that it is only fair to lose respect from these people. I do not think there is an excuse for mediocrity. The things are quite clear to me: Either you are good at your job or you don’t deserve it.


I am not a like-able person– I am very much easy to hate mainly because I care less about the personal and all I want to do is to see work done. As much as I am results-oriented, I easily come out as a bitch. Maybe because I want to see things moving and I want to see the results. I can be really demanding to the point that I come out as rude. I am  unaware of that until quite recently when someone has asked me to tone it down. Maybe they are right, after all, things won’t go well inside the office if the diva in me continues to throw fits. As much as I wanted to be judged by the quality of work I give, I think I need to be sensitive to others feelings.

Which is really hard for me? I try, but I find it really hard.

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