An Open Letter to the Candidates: We need someone with focus and vision


Dear candidates,

The problem with most of you is that you like to be everywhere. You like to do so many things. You like to be this and that. You are so kalat.

Haven’t you heard of opportunity cost? Because if you don’t have an idea about it, might i suggest you listen to Freakonomics.

What this country needs is someone with focus and vision– for someone with a plan for the country. Focus and vision- what do you want? What will and can you deliver? Can we take you for it? (Yes Nancy Binay, it is called legislative agenda). Do you have one? Well, I hope you realise that these are the requirements of the voters nowadays. And yes, we are not that stupid.

I seriously hope you are not mere power-hungry folks. I might doubt the motives of some of you, but I hope you can understand my sentiments. It is just so sad that somehow, us voters have limited choices these elections. I seriously believe that the electorate has this momentum to drive change, but somehow, you guys put a limit on what we can do. But I seriously suggest that you should be very afraid of what this electorate can do in the succeeding elections. Be very afraid.

You see, I am no political scientist but I am a great fan of Richard Dawkins. I am a firm believer of the neo-darwinism view of evolution. This talks about arms races and positive feedback. If you are not aware of this, let me explain it to you:


Arms race is a competition between two parties to have the best armed forces. In evolution, it is best seen in the evolution of drug-resistant pathogens. In our case now, there is a arms race between you trapos and us voters. Throughout the years you are in power, you let the electorate developed a sense of resentment towards you. Now, we abhor political dynasties, war lords, drug lords, corrupt officials, etc to the point that we take actions against them. (At the very least, you have to give it to the government). We are more politically aware than the electorate, say, 20-30 years ago. Thanks to the power of social media, we can now, at the very least, call you out directly when you do something wrong.

Now let’s go to positive feedback. Richard Dawkins, in his book The Blind Watchmaker, elaborately discuss that there are systems where in they ended up in some sort of explosive state. In chemistry, an explosion happens because a positive feedback mechanism is established as the substances in the system continuously respond to each other quite aggressively. In our state now, you trapos’ system of disgusting politics and the voters tendency to seek enlightenment, the arms race between those two that is, is in a state where positive feedback is all ready to happen. There will be a point in time, not in this election but during the time after this one, when an the electorate side of the arms race will gain a very little advantage. But that very little advantage, however minute it will be, will be the start of an explosion that will eventually annihilate the trapo system you have cultured.

Thus I say, be very afraid because your days are numbered.

I may not have discussed the concepts quite in detail but I hope you guys get the point. Unless you have the focus and the vision that we require, you do not make the cut. Either you are Nancy Binay-like or you deserve to be in that elected post. Take a step back and reflect on that single requirement. You still have 4 days to back out if you think you don’t make the cut. I seriously hope you have malasakit to our dear country. We badly need progress. Progress for this country is all ready long overdue.

Warning you lovingly,

PS. Interested in the concepts above? Research. In fact, as a candidate for elective position, it should be of your nature that you do research. But of course, if you are so trapo like the Binays, you don’t do that, do you?


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