On giving chance to Nancy Binay

This is the first part of my post elections post

Nancy Binay is winning the elections. I do not like her, I hated her for running under qualified. Yes, I criticized Ms Angeles for her candidacy to the point that I went overboard, too personal, and too irrational.  However,  I am glad to say that I am already getting over my pre-election hate on her.


Let me just address the “pagbigyan natin ng pagkakataon” posts in social media that I am seeing in my timeline.

“Why not give her a chance” is not a proper deflect to the the criticisms against her. While giving chances apply in so many things, the Binay arrogance is way too on-your-face that I could not accept such excuse for a position so valuable to the progress of this country. It is a stupid decision to vote for the unexperienced, it will always be. For the record, in Nancy’s case, it’s inexperienced plus questionable motives from her father who has the ambition to be president. I am not saying that the presidential ambition is wrong, what is wrong is the sublime arrogance we see from interviews.

Give her a chance they say but in the same breathe, they say that we who criticized Binay are the high-browed intelligentsia with pseudo-elitist delusions. The delusions might be true, I concede on that, but we are no high-browed intelligentsia. I do not know what it is with the ability to discern that most people will outright say, “Mayabang” just because we think how we think. I am not saying that there is a right way to think, but scrutiny is very important in society. It’s easy for some people to call a thinking person arrogant, and I detest that kind of reaction. 

Yes, Nancy Binay is winning. I accepted it. I am moving on. But I will not just give her the chance to display mediocrity in the Senate. There is no excuse for mediocrity, and giving chance to mediocres is as bad as excusing themselves.

One thought on “On giving chance to Nancy Binay

  1. I have polarizing feelings about Nancy Binay. It’s all here in my blog post entitled, “Nancy Binay and the Idiosyncratic Filipino Culture.” (pa promote lang po haha) By the way, I also like Julie and Julia. It’s one of the reasons why I was inspired to start a blog. 🙂

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