Thoughts about talk

Talk is vital in collaboration. Communication is essential to every aspects of team work. It’s not only communication, per se, but also, bilateral centralized communications. Several realizations about the subject:

  • Inclusivity. You don’t want to leave a team member behind. Everyone should be updated about the current status of the project. No one should be left alone in the dark. By making sure each of the team member gets to see the big picture, all the tasks assigned will make sense to them. They will get to realize how important their tasks are. They can to know where they fit in the bigger puzzle. This boosts their morale.
  • Centralized communication. Any external relations, that is, any communication outside the team should be centralized to a particular person. Call that person, the spokesman. The job of the spokesman is to receive external communications and cascade them internally. With this, you eliminate the possibility of confusion from having different people talking to different team members. There should only be one who is in charge of communication.
  • Get your people to talk. People should know how to talk. They need to know how to express their own ideas (vital in brainstorming) and share what hinders them to complete the task, They also need to update fellow team members of the progress of the project. Nothing is more important than having the team members to relay the exact message at the proper venue.

I think, without these three, there would be no successful projects.

wala lang. Just Saying.

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