Random thoughts after Julie and Julia

(This is actually the first time I am blogging using my amaaaaazing phone.)


I just finished watching Julie and Julia for the fifth time. I read the book 3 times already. I love Julie Powell as much as she loves Julia Child. JULIE POWELL IS MY JULIA CHILD.

Last few weeks, I have been feeling so down. The majn reason, there was a setback at work. I don’t feel quite as energetic as I used to be. Many many things had happened and as usual, I was overwhelmed. More specifically, I became a bitch, as like Julie became. I think there is this latent anger in me that I still could not let go.

After watching the movie, I felt like as if Julie is talking to me-over space and time. She’s like whispering me something about courage, about keeping myself together. I really don’t wanna end up with the self-destructing self I used to have two years ago.

I know I am a better person today. I just have to keep myself together.

Thanks Julie for reminding me that.

(Play music: Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia)

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