We hear nothing but whining

The headline earlier this morning: Jinggoy drops the bombshell. Late this afternoon, all I heard was a whining dog.

Photo Credit: Philstar.com

Yet again, we witnessed how privilege speeches are used for our dear honorable legislators to make air some drama. Jinggoy’s privilege speech was nothing than a senator trying to portray himself as a victim out of this whole pork barrel scam. In his attempt to clean his name, I believe he did more damage to himself rather than directly address the allegations being thrown at him.

Of course, we could have expected that the dear senator would not really address the issues. After all, he can always get to invoke the “day in court” card. But what is interesting in his speech is how vitriolic it sounded. He used the damay-damay tactic.

We did not hear the senator address the specific amounts associated to his office that were mentioned at the COA report. Moreover, we did not hear the senator comment his actual relationship with Janet Lim-Napoles. These are the questions most of us wanted to know, but we did not hear Estrada answer this. (But of course, we understand)

What I find really interesting is how he disclosed how the Malacanang used PDAF to influence the outcome of the Corona Impeachment Trial. According to him, those who voted to convict the ex-Chief Justice received almost P50 million additional PDAF. Shortly, just a sentence after he tried to pull an expose, he was quick to say that his decision to convict was not influenced by the alleged augmentation. But the question remains, did he get additional P50 million pesos worth of PDAF from voting to convict? He did not answer that question; but I can sense the hypocrisy out of him.

If Jinggoy really wants to prove his innocence, he should have to address the allegations squarely. There is always two courts were he could do this– the court of law, and the court of public opinion. If he wants fairness in the court of public opinion, then he should have to answer the questions the public wants to answer. What he did in his little stunt of him earlier was he tried to confuse the public. This did not do him any good. In fact, we have yet again witnessed how trapo Estrada is.



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