Just started watching Breaking Bad and I think it is awesome

Everyone was talking about Breaking Bad. Last month was supposed to be the final episode and when I turn to every cable channel we have, every single talk show and entertainment news show were talking about it. Even my Facebook newsfeed was full of Breaking Bad posts.

Breaking Bad. Walter White. Jesse Pinkman

Curiosity, then, finally hit me. So here I am, four episodes in and I can say I am hooked at it. Nothing much on the chemistry, which by the way is so cool. But I like how Walter White’s character is being revealed. Unlike the other crime series I am watching (Body of Proof, Elementary), the treatment in this one is really raw. Also, the cliffhangers are everywhere. Like that when episode 3 ended and Walt was supposed to tell Skylar something and I really thought he would confess about his murders and the meth thing, it turned out he only told her about the cancer (oh yeah, that was a spoiler but what the hell). Also, I can relate to Jesse Pinkman.

Well, I think I will be having some Breaking Bad marathons in the next couple of days. I’ll try to blog about it, like what I do in the Book Log series. We’ll see.

PS. I am annoyed by Skylar. I think, she’s a bitch.

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