Letter to Will Gardner and His Hotness

Dear Will Gardner aka Josh Charles,

Don’t you know that you’re hot? Well, as an asshole yourself, I bet you already know, but damn you are hot. I am watching you right now confronting Alicia about the clients her new firm is stealing from you and God you are hot. And that nose! There is something weird with it that makes you so hot. And the way you scrunch your eyebrows is so awfully orgasmic that it makes you much hotter. This might be an admission that you are hotter when you are angry, I don’t care, but when you swipe all the things on Alicia’s stable is so smooth I can imagine you  doing it naked.

Will Gardner is so hot

That smirk! Oh god!

Please continue to be an asshole as you are. I like it when you are like that. And with that, I shall continue watching the new episode of The Good Wife (and believe me, this freaking internet connection makes me frustrated right now.



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