Can’t get enough of The Good Wife

The Good Wife S05E06 The Next Day

Fighting over the client. Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner fights over client files. Photo from

The Legal Wife is on the roll this season! I totally agree with Noel Kirkpatrick when he said that ‘Hitting the Fan’ (Season 5, episode 5) is one of the best single episode. But, I think TLW is pulling out good episodes one after the other, in one of the best arcs in TV (personally, at least, to those I have been watching). Last Sunday’s episode, “The Next Day” (episode 6), was a yet another good one.

The episode starts the next day after the last episode. Will was still so sexy despite the fact that he keeps his shirt on (Can someone have Will shirtless next time please?!), and Alicia was still so fierce as she takes the mother-hen role for her new firm. Both firms, Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos, were still fighting for clients. Although both firms have the smartest minds in them and can come up with good legal strategies, they look like children fighting over which gets the bigger slice; but that’s the way the story arc go. I just hope that they would find a way to spice this up as it would get tiring if we would be faced with the same thing again and again.

*Read recap here

The thing about the way how the storyline now goes is that it is hard to take sides. While we are supposed to side with Alicia, (Read Molly’s thoughts on gender and The Good Wife here), we could not discount the wit Will and Diane puts on the table. We understand that Alicia and Cary needs to get the credit they earn, but still, we could not ignore Will and Diane’s cleverness. This is shown in this week’s case. The client was forced to be put in center of the feud as she was thrown back and forth between the two firms.

It is also interesting how Marilyn’s character is being developed. It already came from her: Her role is both friendly and antagonistic. We saw her fishing around Florrick/Agos in order to get information about Peter’s role in the Chumhum accounts and god, she is irritating. She snoops around, but at the end of the day, she gave a good advice to Alicia considering the delicate situation that could start an ethical conundrum for Peter’s administration.

One of the several good scenes in the episode was when we saw Diane brokedown after knowing that Peter has turned against her- a yet another reason why it is so hard to find her and Will antagonistic. At the end of the scene, we saw Diane rejoining Will in a rambo campaign against Alicia and Cary. This is getting interesting, although I feel sorry for Diane. (Get lost, Peter!)

I can’t wait for the next few episodes. I just hope TGW will not go into a quick hiatus as I know, TGW fans just can’t have enough of the show.

PS. Dear TGW team, I am serious about Will getting shirtless

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