Trying to be busy…

What have I been doing lately?

For one, I am hating the whole week waiting for an episode of The Good Wife. They are on a roll. I haven’t been so hooked into a TV series since the Izzie-cancer arc from Grey’s Anatomy five years ago. I am so for Julianna Margulies to win an Emmy next year for that “We’re gonna come after you” kick-ass line.

Also, I have been catching up with Breaking Bad. I am about to start season 2. Few months ago, I thought people are rooting for Breaking Bad because Chemistry has made it into the mainstream, which sounded ridiculous to me. Then it made sense, the storyline is as gripping as it is awesome. And yeah, I know where Heisenberg came from.

I am almost finished in developing my web portfolio. I am proud to say that I have learned quite a good skills set this past few months. From photoshop to trying to figure out a way to fit my divs into one row, I must say I am very much happy of how my website looks. Just some editing and a few tweaks and I think it is ready for launching by the end of this November. *crossfingers


War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy

Photo from

You know I have been trying to delay reading Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace for the longest time because its thickness is quite daunting. Well, I am on the second chapter now and a new Book Log Series is about to start. Stay tuned.


Gelo Lopez Copyreading

Want to be an awesome copyreader?

My highschool teacher, now a district supervisor at DepEd Bulacan, invited me to handle a two-day workshop for the participants of 2013 Region III Schools Press Conference. Five years ago, I was one of those participants and here I am now, excited to meet them up. I am supposed to train the participants in copyreading and headline writing, the category in which I won the 2008 nationals at South Cotabato.

Campus journalism has changed so much since my days, and here I am, trying to fuse my current views in social media and campus journalism. So for the past few days, I have been trying to work on a deck on social media and headline writing. Working for an online news outfit gave me an insight on how to introduce articles in social media. I think the way we craft copies for Facebook and Twitter could help these young campus journalists in understanding the new dynamics of journalism.

I am excited to meet my students. I am excited to share my experiences.

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