Stick to the issue guys!

Lourd De Veyra reposted a letter by Ira V Panganiban to Kim Henares regarding the Pacquiao tax issue. I just can’t help but to share my thoughts about it:

1. I can’t see the relevance of juxtaposing Lucio Tan’s case and Manny Pacquiao’s case. Although I totally get what you are pointing at, this juxtaposition seems to confuse the reader of the real issue: Whether or not Pacquiao paid his taxes diligently and correctly.

2. There is no question on the source of Pacquiao income. I think it is general knowledge, and we can agree upon this, that his income is hard-earned. But again, the real issue is whether or not Pacquiao paid his taxes.

3. Dragging the PDAF accused is again irrelevant. But isn’t it true that freeze orders are now imposed on some of the bank accounts of the accused? I refer to the recent CA decision issuing a freeze order on bank accounts of Gigi Reyes, Ruby Tuason,, etc.

4. Panganiban is trying to imply that Kim Henares is motivated by some insidious malice, but I cannot seem to get it except that he is trying to confuse things with irrelevant issues.

5. AND really, PACQUIAO IS A PATRIOT?! Seriously?!


While I understand that some people will naturally support Pacquiao, I think it is best that we keep the issue at point. Are there political motives behind BIR’s move? We do not know. But the more important thing is to find out whether Pacquiao paid the right tax. If Pacquiao did, let’s put this at rest. If not, then it is only right for BIR to pursue him after his tax liabilities. What I find unfair is that some people give Pacquiao undue importance just because he just came from a boxing fight. I do not also get the arguments saying Pacquiao should be given consideration mainly because he is a source of national pride.

I think Pacquiao hired a very bad lawyer and accountant. His previous lawyer (forgot his name) even admitted on a TV interview that they deferred informing Pacquiao of BIR’s letters because they would not want him to lose focus on his upcominig game. Now, that’s irresponsible. I think Pacquiao is in good hands with Tranquil Salvador now that he hired him.

I also understand that this issue will raise a more wider discussion on taxation. I can already imagine what the libertarian-minarchists say would say especially on the large amount of money involved. We welcome these discussions but it is important for us to focus on the issue first.


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