I haven’t written for quite sometime. I guess it was almost a year and a half. I must admit I have lost interest in this blog, in this whole thing because…. guess what….. I fucked it up big time.

But I guess my journey to better myself is my only fuel to move forward. To start again. Tabula rasa.

So, I am 23 now. The last time I wrote about my age is when I was about to turn 20. In the past three years, things happened as they are. Life continually schools me on how to live. The past 3 years gave me the gift of independence, of living freely. The past 3 years also gave me introspective insights, of discovering me, of discovering who I am and what I want.

Well you know this is just a mere blabber, some loud thinking. I just need to get back to this because there are many stories to tell. Especially recently, when I noticed my metabolism is slowing down, my back is aching more frequently than that shluld be experienced of someone my age, my commitment in maintaining my weight and minimizing my disturbing waist line. And lastly and sadly, of a friendship that was recently lost, to whatever reason she has.

There are stories to tell. I must tell them.

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