Legacy Challenge, umf

Okay, so I am back now in playing Sims 3 and I am doing the Legacy Challenge. For those who aren’t familiar (don’t worry, I was only made aware of this very recently), the Legacy Challenge is when you play a the game up to the 10th generations of Sims. It seems like playing the game without any actual objective easily bored me, so I guess that’s what made me decide to work on this challenge.

So challenge accepted! Introducing Antoine French,


Antoine French is your simple, ordinary Sim. Just living in abject poverty, the only thing that keeps him going is his dream in building his own empire

You see, the Antoine’s bio is just the point of the game. Starting from a chair, a toilet, and a chess table, this guy worked his ass off to become a Trauma Surgeon only after two weeks. Here he is now


I know that the Legacy Challenge compels me to stay on that lot but hell Antoine doesn’t have to live in that shanty.

So I guess, I will be playing for some time.

PS: Been playing this since 1AM with Sex and the City in my phone.


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