Day 2: The day when my leggings ripped

Well, I tried to follow the routine I set up from my previous post. I jogged for the whole length of a Lost episode. Covered around 2 miles, I didn’t check exactly what it is.

So after cooling down, I set my phone on Kathryn’s video to do some barre. And then, the thing happened. Halfway through the plies, in one of my grand plies in second, my year old leggings ripped. To be fair, you would have to give it to my plie, it was beautiful, but then again, my leggings cracked! CRACKED!

So with 5 other guys in the gym, I had to keep my composure. As the epitome of grace under pressure, a master of deadma– my boss would attest to that– I cut my plies right away and proceeded to the tendus. Anyway, I didn’t finish the whole routine, and I headed home.

But god! You don’t have an idea how embarrassed I was. I just hoped no one noticed. Hopefully not Guy From the 9th Floor. *wink

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