Bliss. Calm.

I could have been a doctor, or a lawyer. I could have been in a better place. Or may be not.

The fact is, I am the product of my choices, of my mistakes, of my regrets, and of my decisions. The fact is, I have never imagined myself to be in my disposition right now because I still believe I deserve less. My mistakes and my sins used to define me. Somehow, however, I learned to let go and just go with the flow

It may be true that I am stabler, more grounded right now. I think I have matured. I think I have learned not to fight all the battles I run in to. I’d like to think that way. But who knows. Everything is temporary, everything is only for now (so says Avenue Q).

Let’s just say I am happy where I am. I think I got lucky being in a place where I am supposed to be. Life is a lot brighter: There are so many things to look forward to. No other way but to go forward, #GoHigher.

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