Life is scary. It feels scarier right now. The stakes are higher. The responsibilities are a lot daunting. I have no choice but to be more dauntless and determined.

This year is challenging. It feels like a crash course in accounting, data science, and operations management. You see, I did not think I’ll be in this position, but the challenge exhilarates me. Every day is a battle, every second is critical. It can get tiring and frustrating at times, but results are very rewarding. Between the decks, spreadsheets, and policy drafts, here I am doing the best I can (while crossing my fingers in the hopes that I don’t fuck up.).

I am grateful that I work with a very promising team and with awesome colleagues. I really appreciate the fact that we could work while laughing together and laughing at each other. Sure there are non-stop work, sleepless nights, frustrating mornings, and impossible tasks. But here we are, looking forward to a time when everything is working as it is supposed to.

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