Random thoughts after Julie and Julia

(This is actually the first time I am blogging using my amaaaaazing phone.)


I just finished watching Julie and Julia for the fifth time. I read the book 3 times already. I love Julie Powell as much as she loves Julia Child. JULIE POWELL IS MY JULIA CHILD.

Last few weeks, I have been feeling so down. The majn reason, there was a setback at work. I don’t feel quite as energetic as I used to be. Many many things had happened and as usual, I was overwhelmed. More specifically, I became a bitch, as like Julie became. I think there is this latent anger in me that I still could not let go.

After watching the movie, I felt like as if Julie is talking to me-over space and time. She’s like whispering me something about courage, about keeping myself together. I really don’t wanna end up with the self-destructing self I used to have two years ago.

I know I am a better person today. I just have to keep myself together.

Thanks Julie for reminding me that.

(Play music: Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia)


Drowning myself with Rent songs

Rent The Movie is going to be in HBO later at 1AM. I am excited about this not because I haven’t watched the movie, in fact I have watched it too many times, but because watching the movie has this effect on me.

Now, I’m abusing the replay button with Nicole Scherzinger’s rendition of Maureen’s Over The Moon. She is really funny.

Kilig over Flipped (2010)

Thank God we have cable! Can you freaking imagine how I will survive with intermittent– more likely, zilth!– wifi signal in our dorm. So what happened during the past few days is that I found myself in front of the TV flicking between HBO and Star Movies.

Then I bumped into Flipped (2010). The story is quite funny and interesting. It brought me back to the sweet high school days of first love’s and puppy love’s. Not only Bryan Loski (played by Callan Mc Auliffe) is cute, the developing coming-of-age story is really really amazing. (You see, I’m grappling for words here since I could not find an exact translation of the Filipino word kilig. Maybe, I shall ask Anglophonism to find a word that nearly-touches the word).

I love the narration style. It was a good effective tool to know the thoughts of the two main characters. The good thing about the movie though is that it doesn’t have much of a plot. The story line mainly focuses on the development of the two characters– knowing their motives and rationalizing their actions. (Eep, I sound pretentiously technical here.) Sometimes one needs to watch things like this– a romantic comedy taken to another level.

This is a good movie. I suggest you watch Perks of Being A Wallflower first, then watch this one right after. They seem to balance each other. (Which makes me remember that I did not share how such a mess I was watching Perks).