We Got Tonight Cover by Glee

Although Glee is in a self-destruct mode, they produce good cover once in a while. Here’s another video which I have kept listening again and again


Glee’s back in its game with Some Nights

Finally Glee Season 4 is back at its game. I am kind of confused with the first few episodes because of the crumbled plot. I don’t know why they needed to find a new Finn (Ryder) and Rachel (Marley) because I do really believe that the characters can stand on their own (especially Unique/Wade). The song performances wasn’t that good too.

But it was a great relief that they did their own rendition of Fun’s Some Nights. The red t-shirt and denims remind us of the Don’t Stop Believing days. Although, I am looking for Unique at this particular performance. Where is she? Nevertheless, it seems like Glee 4 is redeeming itself.

Some Nights Performance Video:

Some Nights- Glee Cast Version Studio Mix:

Being in love with Canon in D

Dear Canon in D,

Why are you so beautiful? Why are you so calming? Why do you always awaken my latent creativity? Why can I listen to you for hours? Why are you so awesome?

Unlike other classical piece, you are the only one who can make me so productive. What’s with you? What’s with Pachelbel?


PS. I’m listening to you right now. Can’t you see how I lack words to describe you? Only questions of wonder. I love you.