Bliss. Calm.

I could have been a doctor, or a lawyer. I could have been in a better place. Or may be not.

The fact is, I am the product of my choices, of my mistakes, of my regrets, and of my decisions. The fact is, I have never imagined myself to be in my disposition right now because I still believe I deserve less. My mistakes and my sins used to define me. Somehow, however, I learned to let go and just go with the flow

It may be true that I am stabler, more grounded right now. I think I have matured. I think I have learned not to fight all the battles I run in to. I’d like to think that way. But who knows. Everything is temporary, everything is only for now (so says Avenue Q).

Let’s just say I am happy where I am. I think I got lucky being in a place where I am supposed to be. Life is a lot brighter: There are so many things to look forward to. No other way but to go forward, #GoHigher.


Walls are built for a reason

Because it is true. We sometimes need to protect ourselves from something that can and will harm us. I know I need it.

That is the same reason why I am cautious on letting myself “go with the flow”. Seriously, the signs are telling: it is going no where. Honestly, I thought it could be something and I even tried to work some stuff up. I thought it was something, but all it was is a delusion– a delusion that somehow needs to stop as soon as possible.

Funny is that I say I am being cautious but I am still playing a very dangerous game. I dunno. But one thing is for sure: the walls aren’t coming down. Not now.

On Geraldine Roman


Photo Courtesy of Philippine Star. No copyright infringement intended.

True, politics is about compromise: finding the balance between what one’s constituency says and one’s idea and understanding of what is right.
True, Geraldine Roman is a breath of fresh air in the Philippine political arena. But for her to thrive, she has to concede some of the things to her constituency and the establishment. Politics isn’t black and white. Don’t forget that she voted for death penalty. We can take that against her. But also, do not dismiss her and her anti-discrimination advocacy just yet.
I personally believe that Roman is your traditional political scion. She wouldn’t be sitting as a representative had she not been a Roman. The goal of these dynasts is perpetuating itself. While we spit disgust over this, it is somehow understandable that dynasties would want to retain power. But that shouldn’t blind us on the issues we need to discuss.
Stand beside Roman for her anti-discrimination advocacy. Regret, that she voted for death penalty. For, we stand with our ideals. We talk about taking the conversation away from the personality and focus on the issues. This is the time we take a firm stand on this principle.