Next book to read: Hunger Games

Last night, I slept at my HS friend’s flat where I found a copy of Mockingjay of The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Having Sense and Sensibility left at my place, I had no other choice but to read it in order for me to sleep (I know Bibliophiles out there cannot go to sleep without reading a book– well, I am like that).

I like the movie Hunger Games. Although I felt dizzy watching the films because of that raw cinematography, but seriously, who am I to refuse to see an eye candy such as Cato.

Not that I am saying that I loved HG because of Cato, but seriously, the political aspect of the plot is what interests me. HG deserves the hype it’s getting unlike that of Twilight. 

Reading almost a quarter of Mockingjay makes me want to read more of the trilogy. Maybe after reading SS, I could get myself a copy of the first book.

Let the Hunger Games begin!