Happy-sad and Tiny Dancer

There is something with Elton John’s Tiny Dancer that makes me happy-sad. It’s the same thing I feel when listening to LandslideHappy-sad, maybe because Almost Famous is a happy-sad movie too. You see, I find it hard to describe what happy-sad is. The thing is, I know when a song is happy-sad. I may not be able to pin what makes a song happy-sad but once I feel it, I know it.

PS. I know, Patrick Fugit is cute and adorkable.

PPS. You can view the songs on my Chill playlist by visiting my Grooveshark page.

Finally found Some Nights by Fun

I have been hearing Some Nights by Fun for quite a while. I liked it mainly because it reminds me of Afternoon Delight by the Glee Cast Version. I do not know about that association– maybe because of how it sounded at the start.

So I was at the bookstore yesterday, passing time, and they played the song. I have been looking for the title of that song but I had not found it because I barely remember the lyrics. So I asked a local celebrity, who happened to be at the bookstore, about the title and he said it’s Some Nights.

Definitely this will be an addition to my Chill Playlist. Here’s a good cover of the song. Have fun!

Added to my Chill Playlist: Up On The Roof by James Taylor

I first heard this song when Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina sang a version at American Idol. I love that version, especially seeing Scotty so cute all the while singing the song.

I have chosen this particular version to be added to my Chill Playlist on Grooveshark because it is so relaxing listening to the song. Oh well, I do really think I am born in the wrong decade, judging at my choice of music.

Hope you enjoy.