Accidental Poetry

Few hours ago, I posted this on Twitter after I experienced a confusion on the following French verbs.

And then I realized the poetry behind those words.

Oh serendipity!

want, see, live

An accidental poetry from a Twitter post.

Photo (sans copy) credit: Ted Hodd’s “Peggy Bacon in mid-air backflip” (1937). Used under Creative Commons license. Credits to State’s Library of New South Wales Flickr

Glass note

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The memory
of you
smiling, eyes twinkling
is a moment I am cherishing
the inspiration
you have given
that note
was a note
not of request
but of a plea
which I will
in the alternate universe
where I am yours
and you are mine.

Nightly Musings

in times when 
back aches due to 
a sedentary musing
you remember 
but him:
his touches
his kisses
his caresses
skin to skin,
and then you realize
that you are just
a poor, deserted soul
cherishing a lost memoir
imagining the love long since past
and kissing the ghost of love long lost.