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Chasing Pavements Glee Cast Version: Fail

I love Adele so much I always waited Glee to do covers. Loved Turning Tables and the Rumor Has It/Someone Like you Mash-up.

So imagine my ecstasy when I heard they are going to do Chasing Pavements. You see, Chasing Pavements is special to me although I do not quite get where the lyrics would want me to understand it. Chasing Pavements was the song I was listening to when I was literally chasing pavements when I ran away from home last year. When I heard Glee is doing it, I was so excited I think I panted while watching Season 4’s pilot.

Then, they gave me this.

To be fair, I’m liking Marley and I am all for Sam-Marley tandem. But this cover? No. She over-enunciated each words. It is as if she’s teaching a pronunciation lesson to the listeners. And that choreography, I should say I am disappointed. After Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I expect more from New Directions.

What do you think guys?

A Painted House by John Grisham Book Log 1

I think I got too tired of Sense and Sensibility. It’s just a thin book but it is taking me weeks to finish it. That says a lot about my interest on the story. So here I am reading John Grisham‘s A Painted House.

The last John Grisham book I read was The Chambers and it was quite depressing. Also, I have read The Firm-– very very thrilling– and I am pretty sure I have read another Grisham but I forgot about the title. Well, legal drama is quite a new interest for me which started when I got so obsessed with Drop Dead Diva. Now I am watching Suits. So when I visited the local bookstore, I took A Painted House because I think it’s about time for me to take a rest from classic and give myself a dose of legal thriller. (Picked up this one together with Alice Walker’s The Color Purple.

And here I am , realizing the fact that APH is not a legal drama at all! However, reading the first few chapters, I have to give it to John Grisham for his impeccable storytelling technique. It’s like hearing from Luke Chandler (the protagonist) himself. I am liking the sense of humor of the protagonist mainly because he reminds me of Luke from Modern Family. Give me a week, I’m done with this book!

Trust me.

PS: Isn’t it obvious that I watch a lot of series?